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Costs and Payments

At Doug Nesbits we understand working within your budget. To assist families during their time of bereavement we are able to work with you and provide a funeral to suit your needs and your financial circumstances.
The cost of a funeral varies depending on the choice of items such as the casket, flowers, newspaper notices, cemetery or cremation fees, and catering.
We charge for professional services in arranging the funeral, the use of hearses, mortuary care and any additional services provided.
We would also encourage our families to make application for a WINZ payment towards the funeral account.  Criteria and application can be found by following this link.

Below are some of the details which will need to be considered:

  • Transfer into our Care

  • Embalming / Mortuary Care

  • Casket Choice

  • Hearse Hire

  • Celebrant / Minister / Priest

  • Chapel / Venue Hire

  • Reception Venue Hire & Catering

  • Service Sheets

  • Casket Floral Tribute

  • Newspaper Notices

  • Cremation Fees

  • Ash Urn

  • Cemetery Fees

  • Grave Marker

  • Cremation Permit / and or Doctor’s Fee

  • New Zealand Death Certificate

  • Monuments / Plaques

  • Memorial Books

  • Funeral Service Recording

            Photo Tribute Production PowerPoint Display and DVD

  •  Professional Service Fee
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